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Astapad Darshan Will Open from 29 April 2012.
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Ancient culture  of India – The first progenitor of Shraman culture, a spiritual guide of six great Asi, Masi, Krashi, Vidya, Vanijya and craft form, first Teerthankar God Adinath has given an extremely respectable place in all religion and ancient books of India. Rishabhdev and Vrishabhdev are his another names. His worship is done in different from in different religion. In eternal city of Ayodhya born in the family of Ekshavakuvanrli king Nabhirai, Adinath has got Nirvan on Kailash mountain situated in the Himalayan range.
            Himalaya is also called Ashtapad because of its eight different mountain range Gaurishankar, Kailash, Badrinath, Nanda, Drongiri, Narayan, Nar and Trishuli and according to Nirvankand this is also called Adishwar Swami. From there numerous Muni got Moksha by doing Tapsya. According to Shrimadbhagwat, at this place Rishabhdev’s father Nabhirai and mother Marudevi had done hard Tap after Rishabhdev’s Rajyabhishek and taken Samadhi. Even today this place is exist as the name of Kailash Mansarovar and as a Sadhana place, footprint of Nabhirai at Neelkanth mountain attracts everybody towards him as a sign of first man’s footprint.
            On this Ashtapad Kailash Bharat Chakravarti, this country is called Bharat after his name, had constructed temples of 24 Teerthankar. This land is also Sadhana place for Bharat-Bahubali. On this land Bhagwan Parshwanath has given Samvasharan. Every day as a sight in form of Digambar for Abhishek Darshan, Narayan statue established in Badrinath temple, appeared by dreaming from Garudkund under Taptakund in Alaknanda river near Badrinath temple, even today many ancient Jain statue are available and in Srinagar(Garhwal), where Chaturmas Yog of Param Pujya Alacharya Munishri Vidyanandji Maharaj was performed, a very ancient crowned temple is existed. Now in this area, there is a continuous inflow for many Muniraj. From this it is clear that this area remain excellent place for Jain culture, which even today discloses Jain culture and its ancient glory by loudly calling. Our respect is well known for Teerth Kshetra, Atishay Kshetra and Nirman Bumi of 24 Teerthankar.
            Because of basic characteristics of spiritualism, the concept of Indian culture is called superior than Western culture and infinite energy of spiritualism is always flowing in our Teerth Kshetra. That is why, from ancient age to present important of Teerth Yatra is still remain and will remain in future also.
            Dev Bhumi Uttarakhand where every stone is considered a resident of Gods, where God is exist live in the form of nature and take test of human value and courage on each step. Where person follows respect of Indian custom of “Atithi Devo Bhav” by their simple behavior and consistency then why our heart will not call to go there again and again.

            Jain community of India having Shravan Belgola in south, Sammedshikhar in east, Girnar Teerth in west but lack of Teerth on a tourist place at this excellent colourful land of nature at distant Uttarakhand always feel disgusted and after being Nirvan Bhumi of our 23 out of 24 Teerthankar, absence of Nirman place of Bhagwan Adinath, always shocked us for thinking and reflection. When establishment of Nirwan place of Bhagwan Adinath in Badrinath was announced in front of large crowed in Indore in presence of president of India Gyani Jail Singh, the crowed was very delighted.

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